Connectivity using SD-WAN

We Network Intelligence are the masters of WAN Connectivity.  Do you have Multiple Remote branches and looking forward to cutting cost as you also improve Application performance? Then allow us to work with you to implement the WAN Connectivity using our SD-WAN.

What is SD-WAN? The revolutionary technology Companies with a number of remote branches are migrating to and, how can it benefit your firm at this time in time.

SD-WAN, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a software-based routing solution that automatically distributes network traffic across multiple WAN connections based on policies you define.

Today midsize and distributed enterprises are demanding automated network solutions that measure and send traffic to the most appropriate WAN connection…continually optimizing for cost and quality. Therefore, SD-WAN, decrease the use of expensive MPLS or 4G/LTE connections saving the Company up to 55% of operating cost.

Watchguard Firebox delivers SD-WAN functionality through the firebox platform so you optimize your networking architecture while maintaining a strong, consistent security posture across your organization.

Benefits of SD-WAN to Enterprise with Multiple branches;

SD-WAN Optimizes Internet Service at Branch Locations

As bandwidth requirements and Internet costs grow, businesses naturally want to manage budgets by reducing reliance on their most expensive connection. SD-WAN is cheaper

Watchguard SD-WAN elevates the productivity & efficiency of workers with fast, direct access to Cloud applications and that’s what ur SD-WAN offers.