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Don’t Deploy Half an SD-WAN Solution
If you are a business with multiple sites, it’s more than likely that you are considering an SD-WAN deployment. However, if your IT team is moving forward on SD-WAN without considering the security implications, then you are missing half of what’s needed in a full SD-WAN implementation.

– SD-WAN Optimizes Internet Service at Branch
– Upgraded Security Is Key for SD-WAN Success
What Should You Look for in a Complete SD-WAN Solution?
The differences in SD-WAN solutions are small until you consider the security upgrades needed at the branch office or distributed business site. The table below identifies some key areas of inquiry as you consider different SD-WAN alternatives. #cybersecurity#infosecNetwork Intelligence Technologies LtdWatchGuard TechnologiesSafaricom PLCkplcKPMG East AfricaEY

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