Insurance CRM

Insurance CRM

e-Intelligence Insure

e-Intelligence Insure is the result of over 5 Years of experience in the insurance and technology fields. It is a full web platform that allows you to support all the insurance company operations, allowing you to replace your legacy systems and transform your business.

e-Intelligence Insure automatically generates your accounting operations entries at coverage and dual currency levels, generating their financial statements in real time and with maximum detail. This lets you easily meet regulatory obligations and provides the necessary financial visibility for taking real-time strategic decisions.Wise Insure lets you design, control and optimize company workflows providing operational flexibility and unprecedented visibility.

e-Intelligence Insure manages all Life and non-life business lines, both individually and collectively with a workshop of products for the design and management of product’s life cycle. It allows the insurance company to adapt quickly to regulatory and strategic changes and launch a product to the market, without the need of an IT department.

e-Intelligence Insure offers facilities for the mass management of certificates and micro insurance, increasing the volume of its portfolio by reducing its operating expenses. e-Intelligence Insure is programmed on a service layer, exposing all the functionality through API web services, allowing you to easily use and orchestrate them from other systems by implementing a SOA architecture




CRM contacts

Business intelligence

Product workshop




Workflow BPM

Bulk operations


Wise Insure-SelfService

Self Service web solution that enables the customer to self manage its policies

Quote and buy products

Open claims


Statement of account

Upload and download documents

Policy management

Renew policy

Claim process follow

Coverage information

Policy history