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Network Intelligence Technologies is an integrated Network security Company & Software Development; The Company has been in Existence for two years but the partner Company's Panda Cloud Security and watchguard has been in existence for three decades.

We started basically as a software development Company developing Software’s for Small Sacco's, Fosa and Bosa products then later we secured partnership to be regional partners for Panda cloud security Company, the Global technology giant known for developing cloud based Antivirus and network security products;

We are also regional partners for Watchgurd Technologies. Manufacturers for top rated Next Generation Firewalls & UTM Watchguard Firebox and Watchguard XTM. Watchguard Firewalls is one of the world leading Firewalls according Lab researchers, Garner and NSS Lab. The partnership came about after undertaking vigorous training on cloud technology and technical certifications on watchguard UTM/Firewall range of products plus deployment.

Our strength as Network Intelligence comes from our IT software development background Coupled by a background on System Audit experience. Our strength comes from within since almost the entire staff of the Company are Young and Tech-savvy on issue Network Security and Software Development.


We aspire to instill confidence in using cloud based solution and change misconception about cloud computing... Importantly we aspire to contribute in combating Cyber-crime and fraud by providing integrated Network security solutions;


We aspires to simplify and revolution IT Management within OUR NICHE OF OPERANDI